Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is in the Air...Well at Least on the Porch.

It is OFFICIALLY Autumn! It doesn't feel like it here in Texas but that doesn't mean I can't...DECORATE!

Here is the how to for the Crayon Pumpkin,(Which I'm wholeheartedly in love with!)

1) Pick out a large pumpkin! Mine leans outward so you can easily see the dramatic top.

2) Spray pain the pumpkin. I used some white, gloss spray paint I had laying around. Any color would work though, just play around.  I did two coats and made sure I got the base really well, which was tricky.

3) Pick out some Crayons...Crayola to be specific.  Our wreath is Purple and White so I went with blues and purples.

4) I used about 10 half pieces of crayons...so I used 5 crayons in total.  I hot glued them in a star-burst pattern around the top from the stem.

5) Then on top of a tarp, OUTSIDE, I turned on my blow dryer to its fastest, hottest setting and worked around the pumpkin leaning the pumpkin to get it to fall in different directions.

6) Let it dry!

TA-DA!  Beautiful and fun!
I used a metallic silver on the Pie Pumpkin and some glossy Purple on the mini pumpkins just to add to the theme.

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